Lui Zacher is a highly skilled, and motivated broadcaster having a passion for all things radio, with a career spanning 16 years.

Lui also has talents in commercial audio production & voice over work, news reading and journalism, podcast hosting and editing, he has worked as a resident DJ in a nightclub, had various MC and even hosting roles including intimate weddings & receptions, a 3 night 1500 seat Christmas party, and a youth festival with over 2500 attending.

Born in Albury, Lui always had a passion for radio. Leaving high school in Year 11, Lui had already been volunteering at Community Radio station Radio 2REM, and working weekends at Commercial station 2AY.

In 2009 Lui moved to Griffith after landing his first full time role in radio. From there, Lui’s worked in Taree, Horsham, Wangaratta, Geelong and Melbourne.

“I’ve known, Lui for more than 10 years and watched his passion for Radio and skills set grow immensely during that time. His interest in so many aspects of professional Radio has always been extraordinary. From his On-air work, both solo and in a team, to his interest in Journalism, Production, Clock Building & Music Scheduling, Social Media & Website Maintenance, Traffic Reporting and even more recently News and Journalism. Lui is a great allrounder whom I’m glad to have had the opportunity to mentor over the years.”

Trevor Sinclair, Breakfast Show Presenter at Easy Music 2UE

“Lui holds two superpowers that any storytelling enterprise would benefit from. The first is his ability to hold people’s attention. Attention is a valuable commodity in today’s society and he commands it from his community and holds it. The second is that you just can’t get rid of him, he’s sticky. I’ve been trying to get rid of him for over a decade but he keeps on showing up. It’s a true talent that he should be really proud of.”

Josh Withers, Epic Celebrant

“Lui pays immaculate attention to detail, never lets a problem go unresolved and was a pretty good wingman”

Anthony Zanos, Breakfast Announcer at 2RE